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Master Chemistry and Materials Technology (658)

270164 VO Theoretical Chemistry of Materials - for Students of Chemistry and Technology of Materials
270176 VO Phase Diagrams - (Systematics and Experimental Methods)
270104 SE Journal Club Analytical Chemistry - for Master and Diploma Studies
270131 UE [de en] Laboratory course on the characterization of inorganic materials - thermal and thermodynamic methods
270149 UE Immunoanalytical Methods - Practical course - Immunanalytische Methoden (Wahlfach-PR)
270265 SE [de en] Materials Science Seminar
270064 UE Research Example Nanotechnology - Physikalische Chemie und Nanotechnologien der Grenzflächen
270111 VO Electrophoresis
270250 VO+UE [de en] Use of Computers for Data Assessment in Chemistry - Personalcomputer (PCs) zur Messwerterfassung und Messdatenverarbeitung in der Chemie
270178 SE Lecture Series in Chemistry - Teil 2

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