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Extension Curriculum Statehood and Democracy in Change (213)

210063 VO BAK9: SpezialVO Political Theories and Research on Theories - Democracy in Conflict. Contemporary Democratic Theory
210067 VO BAK10: SpezialVO International Politics and Development - Current Developments in the Near East
210072 VO BAK11: SpezialVO European Union and Europeanisation - The fight against terrorism and anti-terror-policies of the EU
210077 VO BAK12: SpezialVO Austrian Politics - Austria’s Political Parties: History, Organization, and Politics
210081 VO BAK13: SpezialVO State Activity, Policy and Governance Analyses - Introduction into Policy Analysis
210089 VO [en] BAK15: SpezialVO East European Studies - Nationalism after Communism: Nation-building, ethnic conflicts and populism in Eastern Europe
210093 VO BAK16: SpezialVO Culture and Politics - Political Culture, Popular Culture, Visual Culture

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