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Master Religious Education (Emphasis: Catholic Religious Education) (796 - Version 2017)

060033 SE Forgers of the Bible - The History of an Antisemitic Stereotype in Christianity and Islam from Antiquity until Today
490050 SE Seminar on Designing Inclusive Educational Processes - Methodenwerkstatt zur Bias-Sensibilisierung
490083 SE Seminar on Designing Inclusive Educational Processes - Inklusiver Unterricht für Schüler_innen innerhalb und außerhalb des Autismus Spektrums
010022 VO Advanced Course New Testament III - The Gospel of John
010210 VO Introduction to spiritual theology - Foundations of spiritual life
010012 VO Eschatology
010068 VO [en] Confucianism - Intercultural Philosophy
010040 SE Specific subject didactics - music
010067 VO Specific Pastoral Theologies - Religion und Gesellschaft

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