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Bachelor Slavonic Studies (650 [2] - Version 2011)

Curriculum für das Bachelorstudium Slawistik (Version 2011)
Weitere Informationen zum Bachelorstudium Slawistik (Version 2011)

480006 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Slavic Lexicography as Cultural Activities
480073 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Russian Phonetics, Graphics and Orthography
480079 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Colloquium on South Slavic scripts
480081 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - The russian verb
480083 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Landscape Research - exemplified by south Slavic languages in Vienna
480094 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Word-Formation in the West Slavonic Languages synchronically and diachronically
480100 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Lexicology of Modern Czech and Slovak
480063 KO Colloquium on Literature - Russian Prague
480064 KO Colloquium on Literature - Women at the Russian literature (Prose)
480069 KO Colloquium on Literature - Newer Polish Literature - text analysis
480086 KO Colloquium on Literature - New books in the South Slavic Literatures (novinki)
480088 KO Colloquium on Literature - Literary Theory
480152 KO Colloquium on Literature - Translation of the Bible in the History of the West Slavonic Languages
480098 SE BA Seminar on Linguistics - The South Slavic verbal system
480104 SE BA Seminar on Linguistics - The Russian language in the Soviet Union
480056 SE BA Seminar on Literature - Russian-french literary und cultural relations in the 18th - 21st century
480089 SE BA Seminar on Literature - Ivo Andric and Bosnia
480092 SE BA Seminar on Literature - The Bulgarian literary avant-garde of the 20s of the 20th century - present and unknown
480130 SE BA Seminar on Literature - Russian und Ukrainian literature of the 18th century

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