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Bachelor Romance Studies Portuguese (357 - Version 2011 and 2017)

110001 VO (OVSTEOP) STEOP: Orientation Course
110110 VO [de pt] (STEOP) STEOP: Basic Module Media Studies Lecture - Portuguese - Einführung in die Druckmedien, Film und Fernsehen der portugiesischsprachigen Länder
110078 PS [de pt] Extension module linguistics introductory seminar - Portuguese - Sprechakte, Diskurs und Informationsstruktur
110137 VO Linguistics Lecture (MA) - Spanish - Historisch- vergleichende Grammatik der romanischen Sprachen
110157 SE [pt] Literature Seminar (MA) - Portuguese - O modernismo brasileiro
110010 VO [pt] Literature Lecture (MA) - Portuguese - Maritime Literaturen der Lusophonie
110045 SE [pt] Media Studies Seminar (MA) - Portuguese - Mobile Wohnkulturen im portugiesischsprachigen Film Brasiliens, Afrikas, Portugals
110123 UE [pt] Portuguese 1
110029 UE [pt] Portuguese 2
110270 UE [pt] Portuguese 3
110071 UE [de it] Advanced Course Italian
110048 UE [de it] Advanced Course Italian
110004 UE [it] Italian 1
110014 UE [it] Italian 1
110024 UE [fr] French 1
110134 UE [fr] French 1
110208 UE [fr] French 1
110049 UE [de es] Advanced Course Spanish
110088 UE [de es] Advanced Course Spanish
110083 UE [de es] Advanced Course Spanish
110182 UE [es] Spanish 1
110193 UE [es] Spanish 1
110161 UE [es] Spanish 1
110043 UE [es] Spanish 1
110286 UE [ro] Romanian 1
110006 UE [ro] Romanian 2
110023 UE [oc] Occitan 1 - Einführung Okzitanisch
110210 PS [fr] Extension module regional studies introductory seminar - French - Au carrefour des cultures d'oc et d'oïl
110144 UE [ca] Catalan 1
110223 UE [ca] Catalan 2
110106 PS [ca de] Introductory Seminar - Catalan - Història Contemporània de Catalunya

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