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Diploma Teacher Training Programme: English (344) - discontinued

121011 TR [en] (STEOP) STEOP: Language Analysis - Tutorial
122011 TR [en] (STEOP) STEOP: Introduction to the Study of Language 1 - Tutorial
121130 UE [en] Language in Use 1
121193 IK [en] Language lab. to PPOCS courses (AM) - American English - Tutorial
121194 IK [en] Language lab. to PPOCS courses (BR) - British English - Tutorial
123011 TR [en] (STEOP) STEOP: Introduction to the Study of Literature - Tutorial
123020 VO [en] Literature Survey 1
123030 VO [en] Literature Survey 2
123041 PS [en] Literary Studies / Proseminar Literature - Postcolonial Re-writings
123043 PS [en] Literary Studies / Proseminar Literature - Early Modern Utopias
123044 PS [en] Literary Studies / Proseminar Literature - ANGELS AND DEMONS - Dialectical Victorian Constructions and Subversive (Post)-Modernist Deconstructions of Femininity in Theory and Literature
123045 PS [en] Literary Studies / Proseminar Literature - SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH - Juvenilia and Quests for Identity in Literary Representations of Romanticism, Victorianism, Modernism, & Postmodernism
123046 PS [en] Literary Studies / Proseminar Literature - North American Multigenerational Family Narratives
122030 VO [en] History of English
122040 PS [en] Proseminar Linguistics 1 - Syntax
122041 PS [en] Proseminar Linguistics 1 - Semantics
122042 PS [en] Proseminar Linguistics 1 - Phonology
122043 PS [en] Proseminar Linguistics 1 - Lexicon
126232 VK [en] MEd 01A/B: VK Specific Issues in Language Learning and Teaching / Specific Issues in EFL Teaching - Twihaikus, lyrics and co: digital education in the literary language classroom
121140 UE [en] Language in Use 2
121210 UE [en] English in a Professional Context - World of Work I
122221 SE [en] Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - Spatiotemporal issues in Language
122251 AR [en] Advanced Course in Linguistics - Applied Data Science for Linguists
123210 VO [en] Literatures in English - History of Irish Literature
123221 SE [en] Literary Seminar / BA Paper / MA British/Irish/New English - Lyric Narratives: the Stories Poems Tell
123421 SE [en] Literary & Cultural Studies Seminar / BA Paper / MA British/Irish/New English - Alice in analogue and digital wonderlands
123426 SE [en] Literary & Cultural Studies Seminar / BA Paper / MA American/North American Lit./Studies - Utopian and Dystopian Visions of Human Enhancement in North American Literatures
124220 SE [en] Cultural and Media Studies Seminar - Gender Confusion? From Cross-Dressing to Transgenderism in Film
120015 UE ZLB MentorInnen
124260 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Once Upon a Time in Tinseltown: The History of Hollywood Cinema
124261 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Nonhuman Media: Animals, Environments, Machines and the Limits of the Human
124262 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - The Politics and Ethics of Veganism in Film
124263 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - I Am Australian: Gender and the absence of marginalized groups in Australian Popular Culture
124264 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Lights, Camera, Action! Critical Film Analysis and Alternative Media Production
124265 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Complex Issues in a Popular Medium: Comics as a Means of Constructing Realities
120007 UE [en] BEd 10: Wahlbereich für Studierende des Lehramts (PM) - PH Wien - Freies Wahlfach: Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL)
124094 VK [en] BEd 09.2: VK Linguistics for Language Teachers - Classroom discourse
128110 VO [en] Cultural Studies - MA M01 - Medical Humanities: Cultures, Sciences, Media
128123 AR [en] Structural Analysis
129002 AR [en] Phonetic Transcription
129003 AR [en] Free Elective Subject - Coaching Peer Groups: learning processes in adult education

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