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Bachelor Phyics (676 [3] - Version 2018)

Zusätzlich zur online-Anmeldung ist die persönliche Anwesenheit in der Vorbesprechung bzw. ersten Einheit der Lehrveranstaltungen unbedingt erforderlich! Bei Verhinderung ist die Lehrveranstaltungsleitung rechtzeitig (d.h. vor der Lehrveranstaltung) zu informieren, andernfalls kann der Platz in der Lehrveranstaltung an andere Studierende vergeben werden.

Die beiden Kurse 260144 "Vorbereitungskurs StEOP 1 für Beginner*innen - im Sommersemester 2021" und 260040 "Vorbereitungskurs StEOP 2 für Beginner*innen - im Sommersemester 2021" sind begleitend zur selbständigen Erarbeitung des Stoffes der StEOP-Modulprüfungen.

260400 VO (REMOTESTEOP) STEOP 2: Introduction to Calculus
260401 PUE [deen] (STEOPON-SITE) STEOP 2: Introduction to Calculus
260402 PVU [de en] (ON-SITE) STEOP 2: Introduction to Calculus
260224 VO (REMOTE) Analysis for Physicists I
260225 UE [deen] (ON-SITE) Analysis for Physicists I - Exercises
260098 PUE [deen] (ON-SITE) Theoretical Physics II: Electrodynamics
260023 PUE [ende] (ON-SITE) Programming for Physicists
260102 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Programming for Physicists
260094 VO [de en] (ON-SITE) Analysis for Physicists III
260095 PUE (ON-SITE) Analysis for Physicists III
260041 SE [de en] (ON-SITE) Research at the Faculty of Physics
260026 PUE [deen] (ON-SITE) Experimental Physics IV: Condensed Matter
260029 SE (ON-SITE) Scientific publishing and presentation - only for Bachelor students
260124 SE (ON-SITE) Supplementary Seminar STEOP, B I (WiSe) - for sophomores of problem-solving courses accompanying Experimental Physics I
260090 SE [de en] (ON-SITE) Seminar on experimental particle physics
260113 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Time and Clocks
260130 SE [en] (REMOTE) Seminar in special topics in relativity - Introduction to gravitational waves
260153 VO [de en] (ON-SITE) Experimental Particle Physics I
260080 SE (ON-SITE) Bachelor's Seminar
260067 VO (ON-SITE) Computational Physics
260069 PUE (ON-SITE) Computational Physics
260051 PUE [en] (ON-SITE) Classical and Quantum Optics
260100 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Classical and Quantum Optics
260037 PUE [en] (ON-SITE) Quantum Information
260085 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Quantum Information
260059 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Introduction to Theory of Relativity
260061 PUE [en] (REMOTEON-SITE) Introduction to Theory of Relativity
260126 PUE (ON-SITE) Introduction to Nuclear Physics
260107 LP (ON-SITE) Lab-Course: Advanced Materials
260074 LP (ON-SITE) Lab-Course: Nuclear Physics
260013 LP [de en] (ON-SITE) Lab-Course: Aerosolphysik

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