Universität Wien

Master Molecular Precision Medicine (329 [1] - Version 2021)

MPM1: Chromosome, Gene and Defective DNA Repair Disorders (15 ECTS)

MPM2: Diseases of Proteasis (8 ECTS)

301811 VO [ en ] MPM 2 - Lecture Course: Fundamentals of protein synthesis, folding, quality control - and degradation in the context of signature diseases of proteostasis

MPM3: Diseases of Enzymatic Insufficiency (8 ECTS)

301813 VO [ en ] MPM 3 - Lecture course: Fundamentals of enzymology, diseases and their clinical manifestation - manifestation, and technologies to correct enzymatic insufficiency

MPM4: Diseases of Pathological Signal Transduction (8 ECTS)

MPM5: Diseases of the Immune System (8 ECTS)

MPM6: Biomedical Informatics and Genomic Medicine (20 ECTS)

MPM7: From Bench to Bedside (12 ECTS)

MPM8: Free Elective Courses (5 ECTS)

MPM9: Ethics, Legislation and Health Economics (6 ECTS)

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