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260073 PUE Streuung, Mikroskopie und Spektroskopie (2019S)

4.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 26 - Physik
Prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltung



max. 25 Teilnehmer*innen
Sprache: Englisch



MO wtl von 25.03.2019 bis 08.04.2019 15.00-16.30 Ort: Seminarraum, Zi. 3354A, Boltzmanngasse 5, 3. Stk., 1090 Wien.
MO wtl von 03.05.2019 bis 24.06.2019 im Kleiner Hörsaal 4, Fakultät für Chemie.


Ziele, Inhalte und Methode der Lehrveranstaltung

These are the exercise sessions of the Course 260067-1 VO Scattering, Microscopy and Spectroscopy (2019S) and they form one unity with the former.

The purpose of the exercises is to go over crucial derivations related to the main topics of the lecture course, and to provide practical examples of calculations related to microscopy and spectroscopy, deepening the mathematical understanding of the content. The exercises for each session will be distributed one week in advance, and the students are expected to solve them independently.

For students in the new Master's Curriculum: No exams exist on exercise classes and no separate note will be given, since the class and the exercises are conceived as one entity ("module"). Accordingly, there will be just an exam of the whole Course -- for details please visit the u:find link of 260067-1 VO Scattering, Microscopy and Spectroscopy (2019S).

Art der Leistungskontrolle und erlaubte Hilfsmittel

As a "prüfungsimmamente Lehrveranstaltung", the PUE course will be graded. However, that grading will NOT affect the final grade of the module M-CORE11, which will be solely based on the final module exam. In addition to attendance, possible "Teilleisstungen" include a voluntary midterm exam in the exercise course; I will use this to provide a rough example of what the final exam may be like, but this exam will NOT be graded, it will only be to give you feedback on how well your studies are progressing.

Mindestanforderungen und Beurteilungsmaßstab

80% participation in the exercises OR 60% & participation in the midterm "exam": grade 1
70% participation OR 50% & participation in the midterm "exam": grade 2
60% participation OR 40% & participation in the midterm "exam": grade 3
50% participation OR 30% & participation in the midterm "exam": grade 4
25% participation: grade 5


Please see: 260067-1 VO Scattering, Microscopy and Spectroscopy (2019S).


Transmission electron microscopy: a textbook for materials science
David B. Williams, Barry C. Carter
Springer, 2nd edition (2009)

Solid-State Spectroscopy: An Introduction
Hans Kuzmany
Springer, 2nd edition (2009)

Transmission electron microscopy: physics of image formation and microanalysis
Ludwig Reimer
Springer, 4th edition (1997)

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