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280250 SE Transitions Towards Sustainability: Possibilities and Pitfalls (2022S)

Environmental Engagements: talks (PI)

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Please note: talks will only take place on the following dates:

Franz Essl: There is no future on a dead planet (Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research, University of Vienna)

Ulrich Brand: Towards a greening of capitalism? Problems of ecological modernisation, green growth perspectives and "green extractivism" (Department of Political Science, University of Vienna)

Michael Zumstein: Biodegradable Chemicals for the Environment: Opportunities and Research Needs (Department of Environmental Geosciences, University of Vienna)

Kerstin Krellenberg: Urban Sustainability Transformations – Of climate change and other contemporary challenges (Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna)

Karin Hain: What can we learn from radionuclide signatures about their emission sources and environmental transport (Department of Isotope Physics, University of Vienna)

Janina Kehr: Troubled Relations: On Biomedicine, Health, and the Environment (Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology)

*** For any questions, please send an email to the tutor of the course, Johannes Ehrendorfer (johannes.ehrendorfer@univie.ac.at). ***

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Transitions towards more sustainable pathways are urgently needed in all areas of life, spanning different geographic scales and corresponding governance levels. What might be a solution for some, cannot always be used as a blue print somewhere else, and in the worst case it can even create additional problems for others. How can we make the necessary interventions in a context sensitive, just and safe way for the entire planet? What is there to be learned from technological solutions that have been deployed in the past, but have then caused new challenges?

Engaging in these dialogues is what the 'Environmental Engagements: talks'-series hosted by the Environmental Research Network aims at: Giving a platform to researchers from diverse backgrounds conducting cutting-edge environmental research at the University of Vienna, who are ready to meet a broad audience beyond disciplinary boundaries through highly timely and solution-focused exchanges.

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