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MGE III-2 Ausgewählte Gebiete der Biologie oder Chemie (15 ECTS)

300122 VO [en] Biology and Evolution of Archaea - Archaea evolution, genetics, cell biology, ecology and biotechnology
300126 VO [en] Environmental cell biology - Seminar for Master and PhD Students
300158 SE [de en] New concepts in light- and electron microscopy (scientific results, instruments, methods) - (scientific results, instruments, methods)
300210 SE [en] Plant cell biology - Insights, concepts, challenges
300306 UE [en] Hands-on Immunolabelling for Light and Electron Microscopy - techniques and preparations for biologists
300319 UE [en] Plant Chromosome Structure and Evolution: theory and practice - Chromosome analysis in flowering plants
300353 UE [en] Applied programming for Bioinformatics - Principles and techniques for simple programming to solve biological problems, using a common programming language. Practical experience with text processing and automation of external programms.
301214 UE [en] (DIGITALVOR-ORT) Toolkit für in silico Sequenzanalysen - vormals UE IIIB
301246 SE+UE [de en] Advanced Genetic Engineering - Praktikum und Seminar
301656 UE [en] (VOR-ORT) Übung in Cyto- und Entwicklungsgenetik - Eukaryotic Model Systems in Chromosome Biology
301710 VO Embryonen- und Stammzellforschung II - Wahllehrveranstaltung im SPF Molekulare Medizin: Embryonen- und Stammzellforschung II

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