Universität Wien

Literaturwissenschaft und Kulturwissenschaft (32 ECTS)

124010 VO [en] (DIGITAL) Introduction to Cultural Theories - Popular Culture and Its Politics
124070 VO [en] (DIGITAL) Culture, Society and the Media - Human and Nonhuman Bodies: Representing Animals, Environments, and Machines in Media
124260 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - Once Upon a Time in Tinseltown: The History of Hollywood from the Early Years to the Golden Age
124261 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - The Apocalyptic Imaginary: Fantasies of Extinction Across Media
124263 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - Activism and/as Performance: Dramaturgies of Protest on- and offline
124264 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - 'When They See Us'- streaming and cultural politics beyond Netflix and chill
124265 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - "Mad" Scientists and Technoscience Across Media
124266 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - Enacting a softer masculinity: The mysterious case of Lt. Columbo
123020 VO [en] (DIGITAL) Literature Survey 1
123030 VO [en] (DIGITAL) Literature Survey 2
127010 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Readings in Literature - Literature and Art
127011 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Readings in Literature - The Anti-War Novel
127012 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Readings in Literature - Exercises in Narratology: Ian McEwan’s Short Fiction

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