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126232 VK [en] (DIGITAL) MEd 01A/B: VK Specific Issues in Language Learning and Teaching / Specific Issues in EFL Teaching - Gender Matters. Negotiating Gender in Language Learning and Teaching.
123210 VO [en] (DIGITAL) Literatures in English - Speculative Fiction: From the 18th Century to the Present
123250 AR [en] (DIGITAL) Literature Course - Literature 1/2 (MA) American/North American & Cultural Studies - 'Where is Here?' Canadian Literatures in the 21st Century
123251 AR [en] (DIGITAL) Literature Course - Literature 1/2 (MA) British/Irish/New English & Cultural Studies - Pamela & Co: Writing the Self in Epistolary Novels
121140 UE [en] (DIGITAL) Language in Use 2
121210 UE [en] (DIGITAL) English in a Professional Context - World of Work I
122210 VO [en] (DIGITAL) Communication, Code and Culture
122250 AR [en] (DIGITAL) Advanced Course in Linguistics - Indentifying gender bias in diachronic corpora
122251 AR [en] (DIGITAL) Advanced Course in Linguistics - Applied Linguistic Controversies about Contemporary English
124260 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - Once Upon a Time in Tinseltown: The History of Hollywood from the Early Years to the Golden Age
124261 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - The Apocalyptic Imaginary: Fantasies of Extinction Across Media
124263 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - Activism and/as Performance: Dramaturgies of Protest on- and offline
124264 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - 'When They See Us'- streaming and cultural politics beyond Netflix and chill
124265 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - "Mad" Scientists and Technoscience Across Media
124266 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - Enacting a softer masculinity: The mysterious case of Lt. Columbo

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