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Literaturwissenschaft und Kulturwissenschaft (32 ECTS)

124070 VO [en] Culture, Society and the Media - Human and Nonhuman Bodies: Representing Animals, Environments, and Machines in Media
124260 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - Wild Colonial Outlaws. A Critical Media Analysis of Social Bandits
124261 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Women and Hollywood. Rethinking the Film Canon
124262 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Complex Issues in a Popular Medium: Comics as a Means of Constructing Realities
124263 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Digital Selves, Digital Activisms - Digital (In)Equality in Times of Platform Capitalism
124264 KO [en] (DIGITAL) Critical Media Analysis - From "Make Room for Television" to "Make Room for Storytelling"
124265 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - "The Sea Around Us": Critical Perspectives on the Ocean in Cultural Studies
123020 VO [en] Literature Survey 1
123030 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Literature Survey 2
127010 KO [en] Critical Readings in Literature - 'Things Fall Apart' The Experimental Novel
127011 KO [en] Critical Readings in Literature - Rive Gauche: Expatriate Writing in Paris
127012 KO [en] Critical Readings in Literature - Irish Women's Travel Writing

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