Universität Wien

Master Research in Economics and Finance (953 [1])

040205 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Microeconomics II (MA)
040111 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Introductory Econometrics (MA)
040115 UE [en] (VOR-ORT) UE Introductory Econometrics (MA)
040065 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Modelling bounded rationality (MA) - Smart heuristics and other alternatives to rational behavior
040159 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Collective Choice (MA)
040168 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Topics in Economic Policy (MA)
040036 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Development Economics (MA)
040144 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) State Ownership (MA)
040297 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Political Economy (MA)
040547 UK [en] (VOR-ORT) Mathematics for Economists (MA)
040109 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Asset Pricing 1 (MA)
040203 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Financial Crisis (MA)
390002 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: Finance Paper Reading
390013 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: Household Finance
390015 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: Bayesian Econometrics I
390024 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: Quantitative Methods
390044 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: Advanced Topics in Finance
390052 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: PhD-Research Seminar
390069 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: Corporate Finance
390004 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) PhD-VGSF: Finance Research Seminar
040142 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) Masterarbeitskonversatorium (MA)

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