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M2.E3 Advanced Microeconomics (12 ECTS)

Only available for students with prior knowledge in Economics!

Courses in the subject area of microeconomcis can be combined but must add up to (at least) 12 ECTS to fulfill this module. Courses listed on u:find are definitely suitable and approved for this module. Any other courses must be pre-approved by the directorate of studies.

040033 VO [en] (VOR-ORT) Ökonomische Analyse des Rechts (MA)
040036 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Development Economics (MA)
040065 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Modelling bounded rationality (MA) - Smart heuristics and other alternatives to rational behavior
040144 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) State Ownership (MA)
040168 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Topics in Economic Policy (MA)
040297 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Political Economy (MA)

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