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020055 SE The Muslim brotherhood between opposition and political responibility (2016S)

5.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 2 - Evangelische Theologie
Continuous assessment of course work

The first weekend will be used to study the history and development of the Muslim brotherhood. At the second weekend experts from abroad will be invited who speak about the recent developments of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia. The first bloc will be in German, the second mainly in English language.
Confirmed guests: Prof. Dr. Ashraf al-Sherif, American University of Cairo/Egypt and Prof. Dr. Alaya Allani, University of Manouba/Tunisia.


Note: The time of your registration within the registration period has no effect on the allocation of places (no first come, first served).


max. 35 participants
Language: German


Classes (iCal) - next class is marked with N

Der erste Blocktermin zur Vorbereitung der Tagung am 17./18.6. findet am 3./4. Juni 2016 statt.
Fr 3.6.2016 14:00-19:00 Ort HS 1 Schenkenstr. 8-10, Schenkenstraße 8-10 5.OG.
Sa 4.6.2016 9:00-16:00 Ort HS 1 Schenkenstr. 8-10, Schenkenstraße 8-10 5.OG.

Hinzu kommt die Teilnahme an zwei öffentlichen Veranstaltungen, die voraussichtlich am 2.6. und 16.6.2016 um 19 Uhr stattfinden werden. Ort wird noch bekanntgegeben.

Friday 03.06. 13:00 - 19:00 Hörsaal 1 Schenkenstraße 8-10 5.OG
Saturday 04.06. 09:00 - 16:00 Hörsaal 1 Schenkenstraße 8-10 5.OG
Friday 17.06. 18:30 - 21:30 (ehem. Hörsaal 47 Hauptgebäude, 2.Stock, Stiege 8)
Saturday 18.06. 09:00 - 19:00 Hörsaal 1 Schenkenstraße 8-10 5.OG


Aims, contents and method of the course

Overview on the development of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia and the portrayal of the religious-political powers during and after the political revolts in Egypt and Tunesia.
Methods: Lectures, readings, participation in public lectures

Assessment and permitted materials

Participation of ALL parts of the course is mandatory. Obligatory readings of selected texts and preparation of questions which should be adressed to lecturers. Detailed protocols of sessions.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Examination topics

History and development of Muslim Brotherhood reps. political Islam in Egypt and Tunisia

Reading list

Sabine Damir-Geilsdorf: Herrschaft und Gesellschaft. Der islamistische Wegbereiter Sayyid Qutb und seine Rezeption, Ergon-Verlag Würzburg, 2003; Gudrun Krämer: Hasan al-Banna. Oneworld: Oxford 2010; Ranko, Annette: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its Quest for Hegemony in Egypt: State-Discourse and Islamist Counter-Discourse, Wiesbaden: VS Springer 2015; Wolfram Reiss (Hg.): Aufstieg und Fall der Moslembruderschaft 2011-2013, Tectum : Marburg 2016.

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