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060004 VO The History of Antisemitism in Antiquity (2023S)

Th 30.03. 18:00-20:00 Digital


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Aims, contents and method of the course

Surveys show that Jews all over the world experience antisemitic prejudice, discrimination and persecution. Hateful prejudices against Jews and Judaism as well as the way they are persecuted are not an invention of modern times. They begin in Hellenistic times with the writings of Manetho and experience prominent continuations in the works of other Greek and Latin authors as well as in Christian literature. The first persecutions of Jews are difficult to grasp, but probably go back to Persian times. The rise of Christianity to become the Roman state religion represents a decisive turning point that shapes the history of the persecution of Jews to this day. This lecture class will discuss the roots of modern antisemitism in antiquity and will describe the history of ancient and late antique antisemitism in the pagan and Christian worlds through the Arab conquest.

Assessment and permitted materials

A three page essay on select topics. The topics of these essays will be announced ahead of the exam on the Moodle-page of my lecture class.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Based on my scriptumd, students need to be able to critically analyze antisemitic primary source and to contextualize them into the persecution history of ancient and late ancient Judaism as well as the ideological history of antisemitism. Regular attendance in class and active participation will impact your grade positively.
Students that argue in favor or antisemitic ideas will fail this class.

Examination topics

The scriptum that accompanies this lecture class.

Reading list

Students will be provided with a scriptum. For further reading, see
Peter Schäfer, Judeophobia, 1997; idem., Judenhaß und Judenfurcht, 2010
H. Schreckenberg, Die christlichen Adversus-Judaeos-Texts und ihr literarisches Umfeld (1.-11. Jh.), 2. Aufl. 1990.
M. Stern, Greek and Latin Authors and Jews and Judaism, 1974-1984

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