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140054 VO+UE VM3 / VM8 - International Health and Humanitarian Work (2017W)

Continuous assessment of course work

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Language: German, English



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Ort: HS2 Hygiene


02.10. 18h-19h30
09.11. 18h-19h30
11.11. 09h-13h
04.12. 17h-18h30
05.12. 17h-18h30
07.12. 17h-18h30
11.12. 17h-18h30
12.12. 17h-18h30
14.12. 17h-18h30
15.12. 17h-18h30
18.12. 17h-18h30
19.12. 17h-18h30


Aims, contents and method of the course

This practice seminar will offer an inter/trans-disciplinary overview on
healthcare aspects when working in the so-called 'Global South'
and will confer basic knowledge on the history, actors and principles in the humanitarian arena. It will be touching on the fields of infectious diseases, water/sanitation, appropriate technology, tropical surgery, post-colonial and gender studies, waste management, sociology - to name a few.
The focus will be on providing a deeper insight and a critical reflection on practical aspects of working under resource limited settings and give an overview of existing resources as well as recent international spin-off collaborations.
The aim is to deploy the potential of the manifold disciplines involved in international health and draw from the pre-existing body of experience of their professionals based locally or abroad - and access these to the students. This should provide a ground for further endeavors and increase the sensitization and learning curve with respect to humanitarian dilemmas while challenging the own position and expecting the unexpected. The previously mentioned is geared towards avoiding the constant recurrence of common pitfalls and unnecessary frustrations while working towards an eye-level interaction in international encounters beyond scratching the surface.

Assessment and permitted materials

Mitbelegung an der Med Uni notwendig

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

guest lectures with discussions, supported by audio-visual material,
thematic focus:
- presenting internationally active unconventional initiatives in
international health
- basic introduction to global health
- analysis of practical examples and pitfalls from the field (surgical /
medical /social / technical...)
- aid dependency and humanitarian dilemma
- critical reflection on humanitarianism and development aid
- inter/transdisciplinary approach towards shelter, access to food, water
and sanitation and their impact on health - and mitigation strategies
- international players and institutions in essential surgical care and
global health
- access to uptodate information resources and preparation for missions

Examination topics

Reading list

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VM3/ VM8

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