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141115 SE Seminar Master thesis (2021W)

Continuous assessment of course work

Die angemeldeten Master-Studierenden werden per Mail von den Lehrenden über den ersten Termin verständigt. Daher ist die Anmeldung über U:SPACE unbedingt erforderlich!


Note: The time of your registration within the registration period has no effect on the allocation of places (no first come, first served).


max. 10 participants
Language: German



The registered Master students will be informed by mail from the instructors about the first date. Therefore, registration via U:SPACE is necessary!


Aims, contents and method of the course

Upon completion of this module, students have the competence to write a concept for their master's thesis with a research question, research status, and theory/method according to accepted practice in the subject and to continuously self-critically review and, if necessary, modify this concept. They can present parts of their work in conference-appropriate lecture form and lead discussions. In addition, they have developed the ability to productively accept critical feedback on their contributions and, for their part, to make constructive comments and suggestions regarding the performance of others in the form of peer evaluation.

Assessment and permitted materials

Seminar MA-Thesis is a course with immanent examination character (pi-LV). Attendance is compulsory.

Students are required to work independently on a topic for the master's thesis and to present the results obtained by means of two presentations (intermediate test and final test) and to record them in the form of an exposé (seminar paper).

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Minimum requirement: Regular attendance, active participation and collaboration are the prerequisites for a positive assessment of the course.

Attendance: Attendance is compulsory. Students should also have their student ID card with them at the first session, as they are generally required to identify themselves to the instructor upon request. Registered students who do not show up for the first course session without an excuse will be deregistered. Vacant seats will be given to students on the waiting list. Maximum number of unexcused absences is three. For further absences, a certificate or attestation must be presented (e.g. for absence due to illness from a doctor, therapist or similar). Students who do not fulfill attendance requirements (and have not properly signed out) will automatically receive a negative grade.

Grading Criteria:

Attendance and participation: 30%
Intermediate test: 30%
Final test: 40%

Composition of the grade:

60 points are required for a passing grade in the course.

Students who do not fulfill the presentation of the progress of the work and the preparation of a synopsis will be graded negative

1 (very good) 100-90 points
2 (good) 89-81 points
3 (satisfactory) 80-71 points
4 (sufficient) 70-60 points
5 (insufficient) 59-9 points

The plagiarism regulations of the University of Vienna apply: https://medienportal.univie.ac.at/uniview/uni-intern/detailansicht/artikel/abgeschrieben-und-erwischt-so-funktioniert-die-plagiatspruefung/

Examination topics

Students are required to make independent oral and written contributions in which they independently work on a topic and present the results obtained (preparation of an exposé) through a presentation and record them in the form of a seminar paper.

Reading list

Matthias Karmasin and Rainer Ribing, Die Gestaltung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten: A Guide for Technical Theses/VWA, Seminar Papers, Bachelor's, Master's, Magister's, and Diploma Theses, and Dissertations (UTB GmbH, 2017), 9th ed.

Helga Esselborn-Krumbiegel, From Idea to Text: A Guide to Scientific Writing (UTB GmbH, 2017), 5th ed.

Simone Fischer and Horst Peters, Erfolgreiches wissenschaftliches Schreiben (Kohlhammer W., GmbH, 2014).

Additional material will be provided on Moodle as appropriate.

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