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143208 SE 143208 SE Advances in African Linguistic and Literary Studies (2021S)

Continuous assessment of course work


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max. 8 participants
Language: English



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Do 9:00-11:00 Uhr
Beginn: 11.03.2021


Aims, contents and method of the course

Advances in African Linguistic and Literary Studies (seminar; 2 hours/week) MA, first or second year, segment "African linguistics" ("seminar on African linguistics")
In this advanced seminar course, participants will be given the opportunity to explore in-depth a particular African linguistic phenomenon that has implications for African literary studies and a particular African literary device, tool, or style that derives from African language structures. Examples that come into mind readily are ideophones, proverbs, and idioms. This semester’s course offering focuses on the concept of phraseology (including idioms and proverbs) that is so pervasive in many African languages and that often appears in many African literary works, especially in African poetry, African drama, and general African oral literary practices, such as folksongs and lullabies.

Lectures, guest appearances, discussions, debates – seminar presentations by course participants towards writing a term paper of up to 44.000 characters.

1. To enable students to survey contemporary interactions between African linguistic and African literary phenomena towards a general theoretical frameworks within the humanities
2. To enable the student to be aware of types of linguistic constructions (such as idioms, proverbs, metaphors, ideophones) that lend themselves to such interactions (this year, phraseology).
3. To train students to synthetize articles produced in top-level linguistics journals towards producing a publishable piece of work themselves.

Assessment and permitted materials

Writing a term paper of up to 44.000 characters

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

A basic introductory course in Linguistics is a pre-requisite. Class interaction will be in the form of lectures, student presentations, computer-based electronic communications.

Examination topics

Reading list

Cowie, A.P. 1998. Phraseology: Theory, Analysis, and Applications. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bodomo, A. B. 1997. Paths and Pathfinders: Exploring the Syntax and Semantics of Complex Verbal Predicates in Dagaare and other Languages. Doctoral dissertation, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. 306 pages

Bodomo, A. K. K. Luke and O. Nancarrow. 2003. Linguistic form compression in Dagaare. De Proverbio: https://deproverbio.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/dagaare.pdf

Bodomo, A., Yu, S. & Che, D. 2017. “Verb-object compounds and idioms in Chinese” Chapter in the book: Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology: EUROPHRAS 2017. Mitkov, R. (ed.). Cham (Germany): Springer, Vol. 10596, p. 383-396 19 p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series)

Mitkov, Ruslan. 2017. (ed) Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology: Second International Conference, Europhras, 2017, London, UK Proceedings: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI 10596), Springer.

A selection of readings of articles on Phraseology/complex predicates in African languages published in top linguistics journals like Linguistic Inquiry, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Lingua, and Studies in African Linguistics.

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