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143211 VO The African Diaspora in China: Topics in Sociocultural Linguistics and Beyond (2021S)



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Language: English

Examination dates



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Di 13:00-15:00
Beginn: 09.03.2021


Aims, contents and method of the course

The African diaspora in China has been studied from different perspectives, including the sociopolitical, the socioeconomic, and the sociocultural. This course begins with background analysis of the African presence in China, and then focuses on sociocultural linguistics, giving course participants the opportunity to explore, in a different geographical setting, key areas in linguistics, such as contact linguistics/contact grammars, linguistic communities, language and identity, language and communication, and the recent idea of ‘diaspora linguistics’ within which concepts like linguistic repertoires and heritage grammars are salient. The course goes beyond these sociocultural linguistic concepts to explore wider issues about African links to other parts of the world through the formation of diaspora communities (such as Africans in Vienna) and what implications this has for conceptualizing Africa-China studies as area studies within a global context.
Methods: lectures, student presentations, guest lectures, visits to African diaspora community settings.
Goals: To provide leaners with a broad, interdisciplinary introduction to the African Diaspora in China; To give learners the opportunity to study some socio-cultural linguistic insights into African diasporas; To provide learners the opportunity to understand general insights about the experiences and the role of the African diaspora in Africa’s relations with the outside world.

Assessment and permitted materials

There are three components of assessment:
o Attendance and active participation in class and online discussions, debates, and exercises: 20%
o Student presentation: 20%
o Final Term paper: 60%

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Effective academic uses of English is required. The term paper will be evaluated on its technical merit and depth, description of the literature, originality and presentation.
LENGTH: Between 2000-3000 words
DEADLINE: July 1st 2021
FORMAT OF SUBMISSION: Term papers should be submitted electronically via Moodle to the instructor in PDF format.

Examination topics

Topics for term paper may draw on materials covered in the lecture and assigned readings.

Reading list

Bodomo, Adams. 2018. 非洲人在中国:社会文化研究及其对非洲-中国关系的影响 (Africans in China: Social and Cultural Studies and Their Impact on Africa – China Relations), Social Science Academic Press China SSAP (社会科学文献出版社).
Bodomo, Adams. 2012. Africans in China: A sociocultural study and its implications for Africa – China relations, Cambria Press, NY.

The course materials and other kinds of literature comprise books, journal papers, news articles, and websites on major discussions about Africa-China relations.

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