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200199 UE Supervised Orientation Tutorial (SOT) (2021W)

4.00 ECTS (1.00 SWS), SPL 20 - Psychologie
Continuous assessment of course work


Note: The time of your registration within the registration period has no effect on the allocation of places (no first come, first served).


max. 40 participants
Language: German


Classes (iCal) - next class is marked with N

Status: November 19, 2021

Due to recent events (see information from the Rector's Office dated Nov. 19, 2021), SOT will be converted to a purely digital format as of Nov. 22, 2021. This means that small group appointments will now be conducted in digital format via BigBlueButton.

In the Moodle section "Student Advisor", you will find access to a BBB room for your small group appointment, which will be marked with the name of the on-site lecture room name. Please find yourself in this BBB room for your small group appointment.

There are no changes to the large group appointments as they have already been offered digitally.

Status: September 09, 2021; subject to change as part of COVID measures as per university.

The course will be held in hybrid form (digital synchronous large group appointments, on-site appointments in small groups and digital asynchronous elements). If the on-site appointments are not possible due to changes in the Corona situation, the course will be switched to pure online teaching (mixed: synchronous units and synchronous contact possibility via video conference, asynchronous work on assignments, asynchronous contact possibility via forum/mail). In any case, the mentioned appointments will remain and will then be used as digital appointments.

If you are unable to attend on-site appointments in WS 2021 for corona-related reasons, please contact us at sot.psychologie@univie.ac.at.

1. Please sign up for the SOT large group appointments through u:space. These large group appointments will be DIGITAL appointments in WS 2021 due to the Corona situation.
In addition, there are also small group appointments of approximately 8-10 people that will be conducted primarily as on-site appointments. However, the times for the latter small group appointments are different than those listed for the u:find large group appointments.

2. Once assigned to this SOT course, the following alternative dates for the small group appointments are available for selection. You must indicate your preference for these dates in the SOT Moodle course by a pre-announced deadline:

(199-1) Thurs Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 18, Dec 2 15:00-16:30.
(199-2) Thu Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 18, Dec 2 15:00-16:30.
(199-3) Thu Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 18, Dec 2 18:30-20:00
(199-4) Thu Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 18, Dec 2 18:30-20:00
(199-5) Thu Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 18, Dec 2 18:30-20:00

3. There will be a total of nine appointments. There will be five appointments with your Faculty Advisor, with your Student Advisor also being present at the first of these five appointments. In addition, four appointments within your small group will be held by your Student Advisor only.
Therefore, when indicating your preferences for SOT teaching appointments (large group appointments) on u:space, also make sure that you have time for as many of the above alternative appointments as possible for reasons of later assignment to small group appointments.
More detailed information about SOT and the registration procedure can be found here: https://ssc-psychologie.univie.ac.at/studium/bachelorstudium/supervised-orientation-tutorium-sot/

An introductory lecture on SOT will be held on Thu, 07.10.2021, 13:30-14:45, following the information and welcome event for the StEOP digital by the study program management.

Link with Moodle login: https://moodle.univie.ac.at/mod/lti/view.php?id=10365684
Guest link: https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/826d853bce794a8cb47ad6ead2d68667

The introductory lecture will be recorded and available via the StEOP Moodle course.

Thursday 14.10. 16:45 - 18:15 Digital
Thursday 28.10. 16:45 - 18:15 Digital
Thursday 11.11. 16:45 - 18:15 Digital
Thursday 25.11. 16:45 - 18:15 Digital
Thursday 09.12. 16:45 - 18:15 Digital


Aims, contents and method of the course

- Basic knowledge of different study-relevant basic competences (e.g. time and learning management) as well as techniques for reading scientific literature.
- Reflecting on scientific subject content and one's own competencies
- Orientational knowledge and structural understanding of university and study program
- Ability to reflect on one's own suitability for the study of psychology.

The contents are taught and reflected upon in a blended mentoring approach. The students are guided and supported by Faculty Advisors (large group meetings) and Student Advisors (small group meetings), partly in person / on-site and partly online. In addition to the synchronous (on-site or digital) contact units, content and exercises are to be worked on independently asynchronously, i.e. outside the specified dates. Ongoing contact with your Faculty Advisor and Student Advisor is possible asynchronously via Moodle (forum) or e-mail.

Methods and contents:
- Blended Learning: Working out the contents online via a learning platform as well as in joint (on-site or digital) appointments.
- Tasks alone and in small groups (on-site, digital)
- Work with the learning platform Moodle
- Discussion and reflection
- Principles and techniques of scientific work
- Optimization of personal learning strategies/personal time management

Assessment and permitted materials

- active participation and attendance of on-site and digital sessions (large and small groups)
- Working on tasks (digital, on-site) alone and in small groups

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Assessment and permitted materials
- active participation and attendance of on-site and digital sessions (large and small groups)
- Working on tasks (digital, on-site) alone and in small groups

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria
Prerequisites for a passing grade:
- Attendance at on-site appointments or digital appointments (large and small groups).
- max. 1 absence possible for large group appointments
- max. 1 absence possible for small group appointments

A total of 100 points can be achieved.
- 35 points: Work on tasks during large group appointments, including collaboration and attendance (on-site, digital).
- 25 points: Group work (v. holding presentations) and completion of self-tests in the SOT Moodle course.
- 40 points: Completing contributions for a written semester portfolio.

A minimum of 60 points is required for a passing grade in the course.
- 1 (Grade A): 100-90 points
- 2 (Grade B): 89-80 points
- 3 (Grade C): 79-70 points
- 4 (Grade D): 69-60 points
- 5 (Grade E/F): 59-0 points

Examination topics

All content covered in the course. Supporting learning material is available on Moodle.

Reading list

The Academic Self-Regulation Scale, taken from: Magno, C. (2010). Assessing academic self-regulated learning among Filipino college students: The factor structure and item fit. The International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment, 5, 61-76. https://ssrn.com/abstract=2287208

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