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230130 SE Electoral Sociology (2018S)

6.00 ECTS (3.00 SWS), SPL 23 - Soziologie
Continuous assessment of course work


max. 25 participants
Language: English



MO 23.04.2018 09.45-13.00 Übungsraum KSA (A414) NIG 4. Stock -
DI 24.04.2018 09.45-13.00 Seminarraum 4 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 1.Stock -
MI 25.04.2018 09.45-13.00 Seminarraum 4 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 1.Stock -
DO 26.04.2018 09.45-12.00 Prominentenzimmer Tiefparterre Hauptgebäude Hof 4 -
DO 26.04.2018 13.15-16.30 Seminarraum A (KSA), NIG 4. Stock -
FR 27.04.2018 09.45-12.00 and 13.15-17.00 Seminarraum A (KSA), NIG 4. Stock -
SA 28.04.2018 09.45-17.00 Inst. f. Soziologie, Seminarraum 2, Rooseveltplatz 2, 1.Stock


Aims, contents and method of the course

The first part of the course will be devoted to a presentation of the classical models of voting analysis proposed by the social sciences : André Siegfried, the model of Columbia: Lazarsfeld and the People’s choice, the model of Michigan and its questioning, the cleavages theorie of Lipset and Rokkan. The second part will focus on the classical variables (social classes, religion, cultural affiliations) and on their ability to explain the vote today in Europe. The third part will deal with new approaches and new political forces in Europe (economic vote, rational voter, far right, extreme left, ecologist parties). We will conclude by asking the question of the existence or not of an European voter, taking into account the issue of electoral participation and new variables (gender, ethnicity ...)

Assessment and permitted materials

Hinweis der SPL: bei Feststellung einer erschlichenen Teilleistung (Abschreiben, Plagiieren, Ghostwriting, etc.) muss die gesamte Lehrveranstaltung als geschummelt gewertet und als Antritt gezählt werden.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Examination topics

Reading list

Association in the course directory

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