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240209 VO Methodological Approaches (2020W)

MA Gender Studies (Version 2013):
TM Theorien und Methoden
VO Methoden und Theorien

MA Gender Studies (2020):
PM 2 Theoretische Perspektiven und methodische Zugänge
VO Methodische Zugänge


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Language: German

Examination dates



Die Lehrveranstaltung wird als digitale Lehrveranstaltung abgehalten. Bitte beachten Sie die folgenden Termine:

02.10.2020 / 16.45-18.15
09.10.2020 / 16.45-18.15
16.10.2020 / 16.45-18.15
23.10.2020 / 16.45-18.15
30.10.2020 / 16.45-18.15
06.11.2020 / 16.45-18.15
13.11.2020 / 16.45-18.15
20.11.2020 / 16.45-18.15
27.11.2020 / 16.45-18.15
04.12.2020 / 16.45-18.15
11.12.2020 / 16.45-18.15
18.12.2020 / 16.45-18.15
08.01.2021 / 16.45-18.15
15.01.2021 / 16.45-18.15
22.01.2021 / 16.45-18.15
29.01.2021 / 16.45-18.15 (Klausur; Anmeldung erforderlich)

Bitte beachten Sie, dass aufgrund Covid-19 jederzeit Änderungen vorgenommen werden können, informieren Sie sich daher regelmäßig über diese im Vorlesungsverzeichnis.


Aims, contents and method of the course

Methods lie at the foundation of all knowledge production. Fundamental epistemological implications result from the why and how of our practices. Being able to assess, locate, criticize and contextualize these brings with it the ability to position oneself independently within larger research settings. Due to the interdisciplinary approach, the field of Gender Studies draws on a number of different methodological approaches. This lecture addresses these basics and provides a frame in that allows to understand which approaches are suitable for which research questions and why.

As part of the course, we will touch on several methods together with their epistemological and methodological foundations. We will also engage in an interactive critique of recent studies and publications to exemplify different questions as well as their potentials and limits. Within the framework of each lecture, a handbook will be developed on the basis of individual positions on the topic, which can serve as an individual reference for further study (or just for the exam).

Slides and transcripts are available in English and German.

Assessment and permitted materials

Examinations can be taken orally or in writing, depending on preference, but in general within a fixed period of about one week at the end of each semester and at the beginning, middle and end of the following semester. Only the individually prepared handbook is permitted as an aid (in addition to any aids establishing access).

Examinations can be held in English or German.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

At least 50% of achievable points.

Examination topics

All the contents of the lecture plus selected literature.

Reading list


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