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250090 VO Set Theory (reading course) (2011W)

7.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 25 - Mathematik


Language: English

Examination dates



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Aims, contents and method of the course

Taking up last semesters course Axiomatic Set Theory 1, we will continue reading in "Kenneth Kunen: Set Theory. An Introduction to Independence Proofs". The first goal of the lecture will be a detailed study of chapter VII (Forcing). For this purpose we will also read parts of chapter II (Infinitary Combinatorics). Furthermore, we will turn towards the study of iterated forcing (probably following "Martin Goldstern: Tools for your Forcing Construction", not following Kunen's book here) and read some selected chapters from the first two parts of "Thomas Jech: Set Theory. The Third Millennium Edition".

Assessment and permitted materials

oral exam

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

The main goal of this course is a profound understanding of the method of forcing and their applications.

Examination topics

In our weekly meetings we shall discuss the read literature, we shall clarify what remained unclear and I will present additional material or material to prepare for next weeks reading. Also we will discuss possible exercises. Furthermore I want to offer the possibility to contact me in case of questions or unclarity on the literature at any time by mail or personally.

Reading list

Kenneth Kunen: Set Theory. An Introduction to Independence Proofs. North Holland, 1980.
Thomas Jech: Set Theory. The Third Millennium Edition, Revised and Expanded. Springer, 2003.
Martin Goldstern: Tools for your Forcing Construction. Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings, Vol. 6, pp 307-361, 1992.

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