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260009 VO Quantum Foundations (2013S)

2.50 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 26 - Physik

Vorbesprechung: MO 04.03.2013 14.00-15.00 Ort: Ernst-Mach-Hörsaal, Strudlhofgasse 4, 2. Stk., 1090 Wien

Vorlesungsbeginn: Mo 08.04.2013 09.45-11.30 Ort: Ernst-Mach-Hörsaal, Strudlhofgasse 4, 2. Stk., 1090 Wien

weitere Termine werden in der ersten Stunde vereinbart


Language: English

Examination dates



Currently no class schedule is known.


Aims, contents and method of the course

Failure of classical concepts, Einstein's locality, EPR Paradox, Bell's inequalities, Gleason's theorem, The Kochen-Specker theorem, Pussey-Barrett-Rudolph theorem, Information and thermodynamics, Entropy, Impossible quantum processing: No-signalling, no-cloning, no entropy decrease, Stronger-than-quantum correlations, Reconstructions of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Causality

Assessment and permitted materials

Oral exam

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Deepening of conceptual understanding of quantum physics as well as learning of the mathematical formalism of quantum theory in the light of modern developments such as quantum information and quantum communication

Examination topics

Mathematics of theoretical physics

Reading list

Will be given in the lectures

Association in the course directory

MF 6, MaG 17, MaV 5, Dok 1.

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