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260025 SE Advanced Module Particle Physics (2010S)

Seminar Series Particles and Interactions

5.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 26 - Physik
Continuous assessment of course work

MI wtl von 03.03.2010 bis 30.06.2010, 17:00-18:30
Ort: abwechselnd Universität Wien, Erwin-Schrödinger-Hörsaal, Boltzmanngasse 5, 5. Stk., 1090 Wien und
Technische Universität Wien, Seminarraum E136 , Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 10. Stock (gelber Bereich), 1040 Wien


Language: English



Currently no class schedule is known.


Aims, contents and method of the course

Seminar talks on the following topics: 1. Standard Model and beyond, 2. Gravity, 3. Nuclear Matter, 4. Data Analysis Methods, 5. Detection Methods.

Assessment and permitted materials

For a grade you have to choose three out of the lecturers and make an oral exam. Attendance in all seminars is compulsory.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

The aim is to give an up-to-date overview of fundamental physics, current research topics, data analysis and experimental methods.

Examination topics

Within each of the 5 fields, 2-3 seminars will be given by different lecturers.

Reading list

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