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260132 VO Advanced Module Nuclear and Isotope Physics (2008S)

Nucleosynthesis in the Laboratory - Selected experiments for studying nuclear astrophysics

1.00 ECTS (1.00 SWS), SPL 26 - Physik

Evtl. Mo 14:00-15:30, Fr 10:00-11:30, VERA-SR Isotopenforschung, Währinger Straße 17, Hoftrakt, 1. Stk., 1090 Wien.
Vorbesprechung: Mo 3.3.2008, 14:00 VERA-SR

Wird geblockt abgehalten im ersten Teil des Semesters.


Language: German



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Aims, contents and method of the course

Recent experiments to open questions in nuclear astrophysics will be discussed. Different state-of-the-art techniques (such as recoil detection, time-of-flight experiments, activations and AMS) will be detailed via experiments performed at DRAGON/Triumf (Vancouver), n_TOF (CERN), LUNA (Gran Sasso) and the VERA-laboratory. Examples are the production of the supernova-produced 44Ti, the detection of 26Al (which is detected in our galaxy via space-born detectors) and neutron-induced reactions, which are responsible for the built-up of the heavier elements.

Assessment and permitted materials

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Insight is given to modern experiments in nuclear astrophysics. The application of various techniques und the realization of such experiments at dedicated research facilities will be dicussed.

Examination topics

Reading list

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