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260135 SE Seminar on experimental particle physics (2013S)

5.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 26 - Physik
Continuous assessment of course work

Vorbesprechung: Mi 06.03.2013, 9:00, Zi. 2.08, Stefan Meyer Inst. f. subatomare Physik der ÖAW, Boltzmanngasse 3, 2. Stk., 1090 Wien.

Beginn und Termine : n.Ü.
e-mail: eberhard.widmann@oeaw.ac.at
Seminar in deutscher oder englischer Sprache, Fragen und Diskussion können auf Deutsch erfolgen.


max. 25 participants
Language: German, English



Currently no class schedule is known.


Aims, contents and method of the course

Seminar on selected topics of experimental particle physics.

Assessment and permitted materials

Assessment of seminar talk

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Detailed insight into some current topics of experimental particle physics.

Examination topics

Seminar talks by participants based on given original literature.

Reading list

Cahn and Goldhaber, The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2009

Association in the course directory

MF 3, MaG 11, MaV 2, LA-Ph212(1), Dok 1.

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