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270005 VO+UE High performance Computing in Chemistry (2017S)

2.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 27 - Chemie
Continuous assessment of course work


max. 15 participants
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch



First lecture: March 6th, 10-11:30, Währinger Str. 17, 2nd floor, PC-Pool


Aims, contents and method of the course

1. Overview of modern Computer Systems and their programming models
- Clusters, SMP machines, GPU accelerators
- Vectorisation and Parallelization
- OpenMP and MPI Programming
2. Overview of Numerical Methods
- Linear Equations and Eigenvalue Problems
- BLAS, LAPACK, etc.
3. Sample Applications
- Examples from Molecular Modelling
- Examples from Quantum Chemistry

Assessment and permitted materials

active course participation

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Examination topics

Understanding numerical methods, which can be found in contemporary program packages for quantum chemistry and reaction dynamics, with particular emphasis on modern computer architectures (cluster etc.) Knowledge of modern computer systems. Knowledge of numerical libraries, their usage and their limitations. Knowledge of requirements of software packages from theoretical chemistry with respect to hard- and software.

Reading list

will be announced in the lecture

Association in the course directory

TC-2, EF-1, EF-2, EF-3, SHELL-Ergänzungsfach-Chemie, SHELL-Schwerpunkt-Chemie.

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