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270189 VO Chemistry of Solution Equilibria (2016S)

1.50 ECTS (1.00 SWS), SPL 27 - Chemie


Language: Englisch

Examination dates



Di, 7. Juni 10-12 Uhr im HS 4
Mi, 8. Juni 12-14 Uhr im Sem 4
Di, 14. Juni 10-12 Uhr im Sem 4
Mi, 15. Juni 12-14 Uhr im Sem 4
Do, 16. Juni 12-14 Uhr im Sem 4
Di, 21. Juni 10-12 Uhr im Sem 4
Mi, 22. Juni 12-14 Uhr im Sem 4
Mi, 29. Juni 12-14 Uhe im Sem 4


Aims, contents and method of the course

Basic definitions of coordination compounds and complex formation equilibrium processes. Basic equations, definition of component and association. Acid-base properties of ligands. Macroconstants & microscopic constants. Conditional stability constants. Biological buffers. Types of equilibrium constants. Factor determining the protonation constants. Internal and external (ionic strength, temperature, pressure, solvent) factors determining the stabilities of metal complexes. Importance of knowledge of stability constants. Calculation of concentration distribution, calculation of pM values. Experimental determination of proton dissociation of ligands and stability constants of metal complexes by different methods: pH-potentiometry (electrode system, calibrations), UV/Vis spectrophotometry, CD, NMR, EPR, calorimetry. Supporting methods: ESI-MS, MALDI-TOF MS, cyclic voltammetry. Data evaluations: model creation, advises for measuring plans, limitations. Correlations of equilibrium constants (LFER). Data bases. Interaction of metal ions and metal complexes with large biomolecules (proteins, DNA) and their model compounds. Determination of binding constants of macromolecule complexes (e.g. protein-ligand, protein-metal complex) by various experimental methods (spectroscopic methods: fluorimetry, photometry, NMR, ESR, CD, separation methods: ultrafiltration, CE, HPLC; correlations.

Assessment and permitted materials

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Examination topics

Reading list

Recommended literature: M.T. Beck; I. Nagypál; Chemistry of Complex Equilibria, Ellis Horwood, Chichester, UK, 1990; A.E. Martell; R.M. Motekaitis; Determination and Use of Stability Constants, VCH Publisher; New York, 1992; K. Burger, Biocoordination Chemistry: Coordination equilibria on biologically active systems; Ellis Horwood, Chichester, UK, 1990.

Association in the course directory

EF-1, EF-2, EF-3

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