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270287 VO Introduction to Structural Chemistry (2016S)

1.00 ECTS (1.00 SWS), SPL 27 - Chemie



Language: German

Examination dates



Preferably held as a block (4 x 3 full hrs); dates to be defined at a first meeting on Friday 4th March 2016 at 14:00
Seminarroom #$, IPC, Halbstock

Examination (written Test): 26 April 2016; 14:00-16:00 Semroom 4, IPC Halbstock


Aims, contents and method of the course

The lecture is intended to provide understanding of and ability to generate structural chemical furmulae of crystallized materials. The lecture is accompanied by a various exercises and training programs.
Contents: Description and notation of structures; Nomenclature of structure types; Standardization of structures; Crystallochemical formulae; Determination of atom coordination; Structure changes under high pressures; Ionic compounds (the rules of Pauling and Bauer); Molecular structures, Intermetallics and packing of spheres (close packings, Hume-Rothery phases), Structures of nonmetals, Zintl phases (the gerneralized 8-N rule; Linking of polyhedra); Interstitial compounds (Hägg's rule); Coherent scattering from objects with disordered atom arrangement; Applications of the Debye formula; Coherent scattering of an object with ordered atom arrangement; Experimental X-ray techniques; Focusing methods in diffractometry; Rietveld refinement-powder diffraction; Structure determination from single crystals; Protein crystallography; Diffraction by helical structures.

Prerequisites: none
Examination(IP): written or oral test.

Assessment and permitted materials

schriftliche Prüfung

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Introduction into the structural chemistry of inorganic materials.

Examination topics

Examination: written test.

Reading list

E. Parthe, "Elements of Inorganic Structural Chemistry", 2nd ED. K. Sutter, Lancy, Switzerland (1996)

Association in the course directory

PC-1, F 300., B.2

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