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280103 PR MA-ERD-17.19 Biogeochemical Lab and Field course (PI) (2017S)

Continuous assessment of course work

First meeting: March 2, 2017, 11:00, Konferenzraum Ökologie UZA 1, 2.241 1.OG

The course will take place on selected dates in March, April, May, and June. The exact dates will be announced at the first meeting. The course will be taught in English.

The course will be in parts conducted together with the courses '300034 PP Schwermetallstress: Ökologie von Organismen' and '300472 EX Exkursion Schwermetall-Standorte'. Excursions will be combined with laboratory work on heavy-metal-contaminated soil samples.

20 % 1. Lab protocol
20 % 2. Lab protocol
20 % Short presentation during exkursion
40 % Final report incl. excursion protocol

Mandatory attendance at preparatory meetings, excursion days and laboratory work



max. 16 participants
Language: English



Preliminary schedule (status February 1, 2017):
Please note: Changes are still possible; known time conflict with other classes should be communicated as soon as possible to jan.wiederhold@univie.ac.at.
The final schedule will be announced after the preparatory meeting on March 2, 1017.

02.03.2017 (Thu): 11:00-12:00, Preparatory meeting (UZA 1, Konferenzraum Ökologie, 2.241 1.OG)
25.04.2017 (Tue): 9:00-11:30, Introduction to heavy metal plants (Lichtscheidl)
27.04.2017 (Thu): 9:00-11:30, Introduction to excursion sites, geology, soils (Kraemer+Wiederhold)
08.05.2017 (Mon): whole day, Excursion Redlschlag (visit: www.felsenmuseum.at)
10.05.2017 (Wed): whole day, Excursion Ramingstein + Kraubath (visit: www.silberbergwerk.net)
16.05.2017 (Tue): 9:00-11:30, Introduction Heavy metals in soils + Analytics (Kraemer+Wiederhold)
18.05.2017 (Thu): 9:00-11:30, Lab: Safety introduction and sample preparation
29.05.2017 (Mon): 9:00-11:30, Lab: Sequential extraction (weighing and step 1)
30.05.2017 (Tue): 9:00-11:30, Lab: Sequential extraction (step 2 and soil pH)
31.05.2017 (Wed): 9:00-11:30 + 12:30-15:00, Lab: Sequential extraction (step 3 and dilutions)
01.06.2017 (Thu) (optional): 9:00-11:30 + 12:30-15:00, Lab: Aqua regia digests / step 4
(Measurement of sample solutions with ICP-OES in early June 2017)
23.06.2017 (Fri): 9:00-11:30, Discussion of analysis results and planning of presentations
29.06.2017 (Thu): 9:00-13:00, Final seminar with presentations


Aims, contents and method of the course

Students recognize effects and properties of biogeochemical processes in complex field systems. They can interpret field observations based on laboratory work and experiments and on geochemical and biogeochemical knowledge. From this, they develop a process understanding of the field system.

Assessment and permitted materials

20 % 1. Lab protocol
20 % 2. Lab protocol
20 % Short presentation during exkursion
40 % Final report incl. excursion protocol

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

At least 50 % of the accumulated points from all assesssments need to be reached.
Required attendance at preparatory meetings, excursions and laboratory exercises.

Examination topics

1. Lab protocol
2. Lab protocol
Short presentation during exkursion
Final report incl. excursion protocol

Reading list

Literature will be indicated during the course

Association in the course directory

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