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280210 VO Introduction to Environmental Sciences (NPI) (2019W)


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Aims, contents and method of the course

Lectures introduce into their different research topics such as
-Systems approach in environmental sciences
-Marine carbon and nitrogen cycles
-Biological wastewater treatment: Diversity and function of key microorganisms with focus on nitrification
-Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles and the Environment
-Environmental Geochemistry
-Microplastics as emerging pollutants - A new threat or are lessons to be learnt from the past?
-Tracing mercury cycling in the environment with stable isotope signatures
-Plant-microbe interaction for sustainable agriculture
-Ecology and Evolution of Sulfur Cycle Microorganisms: Focus on Sulfate Reduction
-Soils and the Global Carbon Cycle

Assessment and permitted materials

Written exam on the topics of this lecture series
8 questions of same value
50% points to pass

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Learning outcome: Successful graduates are able to define the key concepts of
environmental sciences and critically evaluate scientific approaches. They are able to
combine and apply disciplinary knowledge to interpret complex environmental issues in
an interdisciplinary way.

Examination topics

Lecture series

Reading list

Will be provided by the lecturers

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