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290031 SE Seminar for Economic Geography (2013W)

Technological Change, Locational Competition and Globalization

4.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 29 - Geographie
Continuous assessment of course work

Di, 08.10.2013 14:00-17:00 Uhr EA.6.026 (WU Wien)
Di, 22.10.2013 14:00-17:00 Uhr EA.5.040 (WU Wien)
Di, 19.11.2013 14:00-17:00 Uhr EA.5.034 (WU Wien)
Di, 03.12.2013 14:00-17:00 Uhr EA.5.034 (WU Wien)
Di, 17.12.2013 14:00-17:00 Uhr EA.5.034 (WU Wien)
Di, 14.01.2014 14:00-17:00 Uhr EA.5.034 (WU Wien)
Di, 28.01.2014 14:00-17:00 Uhr EA.5.034 (WU Wien)

Details siehe: https://learn.wu.ac.at/vvz/13w/1520

Anmeldekriterien: http://www.wu.ac.at/prospective/admission/national/mitbeleg


max. 20 participants
Language: German



Currently no class schedule is known.


Aims, contents and method of the course

The focus is on the field "technological progress, regional disparities and globalization", like "Research and technological progress in Europe: diagnose and policy recommendations" or "Increasing globalization - policy on the defensive".

Assessment and permitted materials

Collaboration during the lessons, seminar paper and discussions of other seminar papers

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with complex spatial set-ups and to provide an understanding of how differently a topic can be approached in order to achieve a broad view of the whole spectrum. A particular focus is on equipping students with key qualifications, such as, ability to work in a team, to get to the heart of the topic, efficient handling of information, critical reflection and scientific discourse. Moreover, in this course interdisciplinary work is supported.

Examination topics

Interactive lessons, a combination of technical lectures, team work and learning in groups (e.g. discussions).

Reading list

Association in the course directory

(MG-S3-SE) (L2-b4, L2-b-zSE)

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