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290109 PS Globalization and World Society. Processes, Developments and Constraints (Part 2) (2007W)

4.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 29 - Geographie
Continuous assessment of course work

Dienstag, 4.12.2007, 9:00-12:30 Konferenzraum (C520)
Dienstag, 11.12.2007, 9:00-12:30 Konferenzraum (C520)
Freitag, 11.1.2008, 9:00-12:00 pktl. Seminarraum d. Inst.
Dienstag, 15.1.2008, 9:00-12:30 Konferenzraum (C520)
Dienstag, 22.1.2008, 9:00-12:30 Konferenzraum (C520)
Dienstag, 29.1.2008, 9:00-12:30 Konferenzraum (C520)


Language: German



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Aims, contents and method of the course

The seminar proceeds with the topics of the seminar in the summer term: Gradually, the economical globalization has captured all regions in the world. The interdependences in economics seems to be impermeable and inextricable. More and more, societal actors are geared to an "econimical logic", even if it is a matter of politics, of law or of private relationships. The forces of a global economy are different than the forces of an economy in a nation state. It splits society more and more and produces different winners and loosers. Proponents of the economical globalization point out the positive aspects that can go with it - the development of a world society; the contribution of the economical interdependences to a global peace-keeping; the possibilities for workers and employees to choose their jobs in a global market ¿ In the seminar we will discuss the main developments of the economical globalization with their positive and negative impacts for local economies, nation states, politics, planning agencies, individuals and the environment.
Connected to the lecture is a 1 hour conversation class, in which the presented concepts can be discussed in depth and be tried to apply to (geographical) practice.

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