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300002 VO STEOP: B-BIO 2 Introductory Lecture in Biology II (2022S)

biochemistry, cellbiology, genetics and microbiology

8.00 ECTS (4.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie


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Language: German



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Aims, contents and method of the course

The lecture comprises the corner stones of Biochemistry as well as classical and molecular Genitics, Cell Biology and Microbiology.

1. The molecular logic of life, basic concepts and chemical foundations
2. Molecular components of living cells carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids
3. Protein Synthesis
4. bioenergetics
5. Catabolic processes (cathabolism)
6. Biosynthesis processes (anabolism)
7. regulatory mechanisms

1. DNA as a carrier of genetic information, which is a gene, bacterial, viral and eukaryotic genome
2. Replikaton
3. Expression of genetic information, transcript, translaton
4. Bacteria and phages
5. Transmission Genetk, Mendelische Genetk, Linkage
6. Molecular genetic methods, sequencing, SNP mapping

1. Principles of microbiology (microorganisms, conventional microbial lifestyles, macromolecules, cell structures and functions, nutrition and metabolism, growth and growth control, basics of virology)
2. Immunology, pathogenesis and host-specific reaction (interaction with humans, basics of immunology, diagnostic microbiology and immunobiology)
3. Diseases caused by microorganisms (epidemiology, infection, transmission, viral diseases)
4. Industrial microbiology and molecular biotechnology

Cell biology:
1. Structure of a cell
2. Methods in molecular cell biology
3. blocks
4. Transport operations
5. cytoskeleton
6. Cell division & cell death

Assessment and permitted materials

Written exam (multiple choice)
40 questions (10 questions per topic), 45min time limit

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Basic knowledge of the presented topics in Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology and molekular Cell Biology
100 % bis 87,00%, very good (1)
86,99 % bis 75,00%, good (2)
74,99% bis 63,00%, satisfactory (3)
62,99% bis 50,00%, sufficient (4)
bis 49,99%, not sufficient (5)

Examination topics

Content of the online provided lectures

Reading list

Campbell & Reece 2006 Biology, 6th edition or newer editions; Further literature is indicated in the course documents.

Association in the course directory

BIO 2, UF BU 02

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