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300232 VO Computational Structural Biology (2016S)

3.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie


Language: English

Examination dates



Initial meeting: 4.3.2016, 10.00 Uhr
Location: EDV-Raum Strukturchemie (Level 1), Vienna Biocenter 5 (VBC 5 Gebaeude), Dr.Bohrgasse 9, 1030 Wien

Course: 06.06.16 - 17.06.16 (9 am - 12 pm jeden Tag)
Location: EDV-Raum Strukturchemie (Level 1), Vienna Biocenter 5 (VBC 5 Building), Dr.Bohrgasse 9, 1030 Wien


Aims, contents and method of the course

Computational methods have become an indispensible part of modern structural biology and biophysics research. In this course, we will introduce the fundamentals of modeling of biological structures and their dynamics at the level of individual molecules and with the aid of physico-chemically realistic models. Topics include: principles of molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations of biomolecules, development and application of force fields, treatment of solvent and electrostatics, computational techniques for the refinement of biomolecular structures, free-energy calculations and protein structure prediction

Assessment and permitted materials

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

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MMB I-3, MMB I-4, MMB II-3, MMB II-4, MMEI III, PhD MB 1, PhD MB 2

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