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300423 SE+UE Field course in functional ecology (2017S)

biodiversity and ecosystem fuctions

10.00 ECTS (6.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie
Continuous assessment of course work

Vorbesprechung am 7. März 2017, 14-15 Uhr im Konferenzraum Ökologie.

Blockveranstaltung in Gumpenstein (AREC - Landwirtschaftliches Forschungszentrum Raumberg-Gumpenstein) zwischen 23.5. und 01. Juni 2017.

Die Kosten für die Übernachtung belaufen sich auf ca. 20 Euro/Tag und etwa 46 Euro für die Fahtkosten (ÖBB, Halbpreisticket), bei Fahrgemeinschaften etwas weniger.


max. 16 participants
Language: German



Introductory Meeting 7 March 2017, 14-15 hours
Konferenzraum Ökologie, UZA I, room 2.241


Aims, contents and method of the course

This basic field course confronts students with a fundamental question in ecology: Does biodiversity matter? By analysing (1) diversity gradients (both plant and microbial) in montane grasslands and (2) basic ecosystem functions, such as heterotrophic respiration, ecosystem productivity and nutrient cycling, the students shall develop their own perspective on the importance of diversity and learn to critically evaluate the 'diversity-function' debate in the recent literature.

Assessment and permitted materials

Practical work in the field and in the laboratory (50%); presentation of group work (oral and in written, each 25%)

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Understanding the importance of biodiversity for ecosystem functions and services.

Examination topics

Practical field work and chemical analysis in the laboratory. Oral presentation (seminar).

Reading list

Association in the course directory

B-BOE 7, BOE 7

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