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300561 PP Molecular Phylogenetics - from the root to the tips of the animal tree (2016W)

Methods and concepts of molecular phylogenetics: from DNA to interpreted phylogenies

10.00 ECTS (6.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie
Continuous assessment of course work

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max. 10 participants
Language: English



Die Vorbesprechung findet am 06.10.2016 um 11:00 im COSB Seminarraum, UZA 1, Biozentrum Althanstraße 14, 1090 Wien statt.

Eigener Laptop (Windows) ist unbedingt anzuraten.


Aims, contents and method of the course

Students get hands-on experience in the workflow of DNA-based phylogenetic inference, starting with DNA extraction from animal tissue, on to PCR, sequencing, computer-based alignment and tree reconstruction, and the critical interpretation of the results. The lecture part covers the most important theoretical principles of molecular phylogenetics. Students apply their knowledge to mini-projects. The results are delivered in short oral presentations and written reports in the style of scientific publications.

Assessment and permitted materials

Performance is evaluated by the student´s committment during the course and the quality of the oral and written presentations.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Students are familiar with molecular lab procedures, DNA extraction, PCR, cloning of PCR-products, and DNA sequencing. They have basic practical experience in using DNA databases, sequence alignment, and various methods of tree inference. Participants are able to appropriately present their results and to critically evaluate publications in this field.

Examination topics

Introductory lectures, coaching the workflow in the molecular lab, introduction to and usage of various software for sequence analysis (alignment, tree inference, graphical presentation of results), scientific writing and publication.

Reading list

Association in the course directory

BZO 12, BZO 13, B-BZO 12, B-BZO 13, MEV 2, MZO 2, MES5

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