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301540 VO Basics of scientific work, bio ethics and medical ethics (2020S)

2.00 ECTS (1.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie


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Language: German

Examination dates



Update April 22, 2020:

Apparently the presence at the university will not be possible for teaching purposes until the end of the semester.

Therefore, the course will be offered as follows:

The professors involved will record their lectures (ppt slides along with an audio track). Part of the lectures will take place live as ZOOM meetings at the scheduled times (see below). In any case, the recordings and the slides as pdf will be made available via moodle. I anticipate that this process will be completed by the beginning of June.

As of April 22:
Ivessa: Recorded lecture will be made available (during May).
Foeger: Recorded lecture will be made available (during May).
Schneider-Voss: LIVE lectures via ZOOM meeting (for dates and times, please check Stundenplan).
Zezula: to be determined

At present, it is not clear, when and in which form an exam can take place. Since the structure of the course is rather complex (lectures given by 4 different lecturers, which results in a lot of implications), an online exam does not appear to be suitable. I am in persistent contact with the SPL about this issue. Please, refrain from sending me e-mail inquiries about exams and exam dates. As soon new possibilities open up and a decision has been taken, I will inform you immediately via moodle and u:space.

Due to the corona virus pandemic caused crisis, there are no longer courses and exams with physical presence at the university for the time being. This was communicated by the university already. Therefore, also the meeting on March 17 had to be cancelled. The slides of the presentation are now available here:
--> scroll down to almost the bottom
--> "Aktuelles zu Lehrveranstaltungen"
--> " Aktuelle Informations-Folien zur VO Molekulare Medizin I (301585) sowie zur Durchführung von Wahlbeispielen in Molekularer Medizin im SS 2020 finden Sie hier!"

Specifically for 301540-1 VO Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens, Bioethik und Medizinethik,
please check slides 9 – 11.

Whenever possible, an attempt will be made to shift to e-learning, distance learning etc.
At present no predictions can be made when we will be back to normal.
Please check the announcements / mails of the university at a regular basis.

Dates of lectures: see moodle


Aims, contents and method of the course

What is meant by scholarliness / scientific? Main concepts of the philosophy of science
Scientific literature and literature search
Literature management
How to write a scientific article? Which parts does it consist of? What needs to be included? What and how to cite?
How to give a scientific presentation? How should it be structured? What should be taken into account?

Concerns about ethics for a researcher:
When should I be concerned about ethical aspects of my research? Which thoughts are appropriate regarding the freedom of research that is legally warranted?
Efforts to build an ethical consciousness and to foster ethical reflection
Changes of ethical conceptions
Fundamental ethical approaches
Competence of ethical decision taking, negotiation processes (ethics of discourse)
Fields of examples: Gene tests, biobanks, handling of patient data, gene editing, germline interventions

Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (OeAWI)
Good Scientific Practice
Data management
Citation and plagiarism
Publication and authorship
Responsibility of advisors / supervisors, the supervised, and the institutions

Ethics Commission in research historical aspects, international recommendations/guidelines/laws
Who are the members in an Ethics Commission?
Which studies have to be submitted to an Ethics Commission?
Documents to submit and criteria of assessment
Groups of individuals that require special protection

Theory, Literature, Case examples, Excerpts from films, Discussions in different settings (depending on group size)

Assessment and permitted materials

Written exam, 60 min.
Exam dates -> Details see moodle

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

For a positive grade: min 50%
Assessment criteria:
100-87,5%: very good (1)
87,4-75%: good (2)
74,9-62,5%: satisfactory (3)
62,4-50%: sufficient (4)
< 50%: insufficient (5)

Examination topics

The content of the course units

Reading list

According to the infos from the lecturers

Association in the course directory


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