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320154 VO Evolution und Systembiologie (2007S)

Evolution und Systembiologie

2.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 32 - Pharmazie


Language: German



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Aims, contents and method of the course

Systems biology is a new discipline that aims to analyse biological regulation with system theoretical methods. Various approaches from computer science, cybernetics and engineering are applied to describe and understand the dynamic complexity of living organisms. This lecture series will focus on the molecular mechanisms of biological regulation within an evolutionary context. *) Systems biology: a gentle introduction

Definition of systems. Comparison of natural and artificial systems. Applicability of systems theory and engineering in biology. Basic principles of regulation: positive and negative feedback. Mechanism elucidation: experimental and theoretical methodologies.

*) The theory of evolution

Fundamental concepts. Evolution of macromolecular sequences, molecular phylogeny. The "Tree of Life": Perception or reality?
*) Regulation of gene expression
Basic principles of genetic regulation. Nuclear receptors and their pharmacological importance. Epigenetics: was Lamarck right after all? Microarrays: High-throughput methodology for transcriptome analysis.
*) Complex kinetics
Qualitative description of dynamic processes: equilibria, steady states, periodic processes, deterministic chaos, and their relevance to biology. Quantitative description with differential equations, kinetic simulations. Examples: glycolytic oscillations, "predator-prey models".
*) Metabolic control
Metabolic networks. Enzyme regulation. The concept of "metabolic flow". Signal processing in biochemical reactions. Self-optimisation of the microbial metabolism.

*) Evolution of networks

Ligand-receptor coevolution. The chemoton theory. System-theoretical description of evolutionary dynamics.
*) Homeostasis and Robustness
The purpose of biological regulation: self-preservation in a constantly changing environment. Adaptation via Robustness.

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