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330015 UE Chemical Lab Course for Nutritional Scientists (2006S)

Chemical Laboratory Course for Nutritional Scientists

Continuous assessment of course work

Vorbesprechung: DO, 2. März 2006 von 14-16 Uhr, Fakultät f. Chemie, HS1
weitere Termine: 5 Parallelkurse (MO, DI, MI, DO, FR) von 9-18 Uhr;
MO 6.3., DI 7.3., MI 8.3., DO 9.3. und FR 10.3.06



Aims, contents and method of the course

In turn tutorials to the theoretical background and/or the experimental procedures, followed by experiments singly, or in pairs, or in groups.
Introduction to the lab bench equipment. Law of mass action. Acids and bases. Volumetric determinations. Buffer systems. Red-Ox reactions. Gas volumetry. Ion selective electrodes. Qualitative organic analysis: hetero elements, functional grops, preparation of derivatives, determination of boiling points, refractory indices and melting points.
Spectroscopy : 1. Infrared spectroscopy; 2. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Preparative organic chemistry: Synthesis of nitromethane. Chromatography: 1. Gas chromatography Distillation.
Chemistry of natural products: Carbohydrates. Amino acids, peptides and proteins.
Chromatography: 2. Thin layer chromatography. 3. Ion exchange. Chemistry of natural products: Isolation of leaf pigments.
Chromatography: 4. Column chromatography.
Spectroscopy : 3. Ultraviolet and visible light spectroscopy; 4. Mass spectroscopy.
Chemistry of natural products: Isolation of fats and of flavoring components from nutmeg.

Assessment and permitted materials

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Examination topics

Reading list

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