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330039 VO Basics in Community Nutrition (2014S)

DI 20.05.2014 12.00-17.00 Ort: UZA2 Hörsaal 6 (Raum 2Z227) 2.OG; MI 21.05.2014 10.30-15.30 Ort: UZA2 Hörsaal 6 (Raum 2Z227) 2.OG; MI 21.05.2014 15.30-18.30 Ort: UZA2 Hörsaal 8 (Raum 2Z206) 2.OG; DO 22.05.2014 12.00-15.30 Ort: UZA2 Hörsaal 6 (Raum 2Z227) 2.OG; DO 22.05.2014 15.30-17.00 Ort: UZA2 Hörsaal 8 (Raum 2Z206) 2.OG; FR 23.05.2014 08.00-15.30 Ort: UZA2 Hörsaal 6 (Raum 2Z227) 2.OG



Aims, contents and method of the course

General caterers, their importance in Austria and the role of ngswisseErnährunschfters in the GA. Forms of public catering usual (of communal catering to social catering) and their differentiation from gastronomy. Services that must be provided by GM plants. Today usual catering systems and their advantages and disadvantages from a nutritional point of view. Be addressed and the food service organization, hygiene and business management, as well as issues of quality management. Here, in connection with the practical implementation of the ROOF - Reference values ​​for the catering, especially the food plan design and recipe development, as an approach opportunities for nutritionists to optimize the nutrient supply.

Assessment and permitted materials

Test, MC Test

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Show the Trainee nutrition scientists, the practical aspects of nutritional work in public catering. The conditions of the Public catering and get to know the practical way of implementing the nutrient recommendation in theory. Theoretical knowledge of nutrient calculation, recipedevelopment and quality assurance to know in commercial kitchens and apply in practice.

Examination topics

Vortrag mit Möglichkeit zur kurzen Disskusion

Reading list

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