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330100 VO Nutritient through the Life Cycle (2021S)


Lehrveranstaltung für Masterstudium und DP LA (2. Abschnitt)


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Language: German

Examination dates


Classes (iCal) - next class is marked with N

The lecture is conducted synchronously via Collaborate.

Wednesday 03.03. 09:45 - 13:00 Digital
Friday 05.03. 09:45 - 13:00 Digital
Wednesday 10.03. 09:45 - 13:00 Digital
Friday 12.03. 09:45 - 14:00 Digital
Wednesday 17.03. 09:45 - 13:00 Digital
Friday 19.03. 09:45 - 13:00 Digital
Monday 12.04. 09:45 - 14:00 Digital
Wednesday 14.04. 09:45 - 13:00 Digital
Friday 16.04. 09:45 - 14:00 Digital


Aims, contents and method of the course

Students will understand the concepts and models of body composition as well as the respective assessment methods in order to establish age-dependent recommendations of nutrient intake. It will be part of their technical expertise to apprehend sound principles in implementing these recommendations in daily nutritional routines throughout the human life cycle. They will identify the life-long interactions between life style and health and the salutogenic/primary preventive concept of nutrition.

Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation
Specific energy and nutrient needs
Current situation in Austria (Austrian Nutrition Report)
Fetal Programming

Nutrition in Childhood
WHO guidelines for lactating women
Breastfeeding, composition of women´s milk
Formula nutrition
Complimentary food
Current situation in Austria (Austrian Nutrition Report)
NCD prevention

Nutrition in the Elderly
Definition of age
Ageing statistics
Theories of ageing
Impact of nutrition of ageing processes
Physiological changes of ageing and their impact on nutritional requirements
General recommendations
Current situation in Austria (Österreichischer Ernährungsbericht)

Lectures on the topics listed above
Power point presentations
Journal articles and reviews on current topics after prior announcement

Assessment and permitted materials

Final written exam, 1h (multiple choice)

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

at least 50% of maximum points
87,00 – 100,00 % - 1
75,00 – 86,99 % - 2
63,00 – 74,99 % - 3
50,00 – 62,99% - 4
<= 49,99% - 5

Examination topics

lecture, power-point presentations, further readings
*** Corona Update ***
Relevant to the exam are: The content of the online lectures conducted via Collaborate sessions (mp4-files are available in Moodle); corresponding presentations available as pdf-files in the „VO-Unterlagen“ folder.

Reading list

Judith E. Brown, Nutrition through the life cycle, Verlag Wadsworth, 6. Internationale Auflage, 2016, ISBN-No. 9781305886889
Simon Langley-Evans, Nutrition, Health and Disease: A Lifespan Approach, Verlag Wiley-Blackwell, 2. Auflage, 2015, ISBN-No. 9781118907092
Providing Healthy and Safe Foods As We Age, Institute of Medicine (US) Food Forum, Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2010, ISBN-13: 978-0-309-1588

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