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450008 VO+UE Trends in Palaeontological Research, IV (2014S)

Highlights in the Evolution of Vertebrates

Continuous assessment of course work

Termin: Dienstag und Donnerstag, 14-17h
Beginn: 11. März
Letzte Einheit: 3. April
Ort: Geozentrum, Seminarsaal 2B311
Anfragen an: Prof. Martin Zuschin (martin.zuschin@univie.ac.at)


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max. 15 participants
Language: German



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Aims, contents and method of the course

This course will introduce the morphology of the shell and anatomy of the Bivalvia. It will then explore the adaptations of the morphology to life history strategies. Among topics we will explore are rock boring, swimming, cementation and commensalism. We will then look at adaptations reflecting feeding strategies including bacterial symbiosis. Finally we will consider adaptive radiations within phylogenetic lineages.

Assessment and permitted materials

Leistungsnachweis: Per laufende und zu benotende Übungen in Zusammenhang mit der Vorlesung

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Examination topics

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