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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kirsten Rüther, M.A.

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Teaching (iCal)

143227 KU Welfare and Development? - Control agendas, playing power and so-called middling figures in the colonial state and its bureaucracy, c. 1930-1960
143321 VU Advanced Course African History: - To get at the details, to read broadly and to consider one's ethics of research
140086 VO Kenya, Karen Blixen, and Colonialism: - Perspectives from Scandinavian and African Studies
140132 VO Biographies, Memory and Personal Reflection: - Narratives about individual and group-specific "lives" - samples and secondary literature
140255 KU 20th-Century Perspectives on Town Planning and Infrastructure in Africa - within the Colonial/Metropolitan Divide
140321 VU Advanced Course African History: Digging Deep - Using Source Material and Interpretations in African History
140371 SE Master Coaching Seminar - Preparing for Your Degree - Thinking of Strategies for Thereafter
140385 VO Spheres of Politics and Everyday Experience in Southern Africa: - Moving across the 19th and 20th Centuries
420002 SE Writing Biography and Life History, Telling Stories and Listentin to What is Said: - Analytical Approaches to Personal Narratives in the Context of Area and Historical Studies
140077 KU Guided Reading: Taking a Closer Look at Africa - Reflections, Academic Arguments and Reading Incentives for People who Want to Know
140138 SE Memory, Space and Migration: A Seminar to Prepare a Student Excursion to Mozambique and South Africa - Seminar zur Vorbereitung einer Exkusion nach Mozambique und Südafrika
140316 VO "I have always wanted to do a book about Africa" - a 10-Chapter Approach to Representations of Africa and a Hopefully Innovative Choice of Topics
140314 VO+UE Spreading News in South Africa: A Short History of 19th and 20th Century Media - Eine kleine Mediengeschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts
140219 VO New Perspectives or Old Wine rebottled? - Postapartheid Interpretations of South African History
140356 VO Global history or just area studies? - Tensions and Dynamics between African historiography and more recent approaches to global history?
140137 MAKU Master Course
140121 MAKU Master Course

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