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B7. Additional Required Modules

Embleton-Hamann, Tu 12:30-14:00 (15×)
290379 SE 4 ECTS Bachelorseminar Human Geography: "Social Protection" in developing countries - A new approach for elimination of poverty in developing countries?
290263 SE 4 ECTS Bachelroseminar in Regional Research and Regional Planning - Neue Modelle im Spannungsfeld von Naturschutz und Regionalentwicklung (auch für Lehramtsstudierende)
Weixlbaumer, Mo 14:00-16:00 (14×)
290261 PS 3 ECTS Proseminar for preparating the field trip - Foreign Country: Western Canada - (verpflichtend für Exkursionsteilnehmer)
Embleton-Hamann, We 08:00-10:00 (15×)
290095 EX 3 ECTS [de en] Field Trip: India - Structural Change and Regional Development in the State of Himachal Pradesh
290163 PS 3 ECTS [de en] Preparatory Course for the Scientific Excursion: India - Structural Change and Regional Development in the State of Himachal Pradesh.
Heintel, Tu 16.03. 10:00-12:00
290104 PS 3 ECTS Preparatory Course for the Scientific Excursion: East-Slovakia and West-Ukraine - (verpflichtend für Exkursionsteilnehmer)
290264 EX 3 ECTS Excursion: West-Hungary, Slovenja, Venezia Giulia: Landscapes of hope - transboundary cooperations on the SE-rim of the Alps
290178 EX 2 ECTS Excursion in Human Geography: Southern Borderland - South- and Central-Burgenland
290390 EX 1.5 ECTS Physiogeographical Field Trip: Geomorphology - Salzkammergut
290183 EX 2 ECTS The Water Supply of Vienna - Structural System and Fundamentals of the Physical Region - Anlagenstruktur und naturräumliche Grundlagen

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