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1. Experimental Physics

260002 VO [de fr] Introduction to solid state physics (electronic properties) - for students of all semesters
260009 VO [en] Quantum Foundations
260050 VO [en] Research using neutrons and synchrotron radiation - Scientific problems and experimental methods at European large scale facilities: Basics and selected applications
260107 UE [en] Quantum Optics IV: Lab Technologies - Advanced Optics, Lasers, Molecular Beam Physics
260122 VO [en] Complex Quantum Systems Summerschool - Lectures by international guests with exams by Markus Arndt
260161 SE [en] Quantum Foundations - (Journal Club)
260213 SE [en] Quantum Optics Seminar - The Seminar consists of a series of talks, given by mainly international guests.
260250 VO [de fr] Superconductivity II (incl. High-temperature sc.) - for students of all semesters
260291 PR Laboratory Aerosolphysics - for advanced students
260358 SE [en] Quantum Optomechanics

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